About Me

Hello, My name is Ryan Oluwatobi Alabi, Lead Photographer RyanOniFOTO Studios.

My love for photography started way back in the early 2000s. My dad used to own a small camera with which he captured even the most basic moments. I grew up around a lot of photographs. I eventually became intrigued by images on billboards, newspapers, magazines and even flyers. These shaped my mind and prepared me subconsciously for the years to come.

RyanOniFOTO Studios has worked on Fashion magazines and campaigns, look books, high profile events and corporate organisations and individuals.

Over the years, I have taught quite a number of young people the skills I’ve garnered and watched them blossom into amazing photographers.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing brands like: Zephans and Co, Bella Naija, Symbols of Authority, South African Tourism, The Smart Money Woman Show. I also shot Magazine covers for Portfilio Magazine, TW Magazine. My work has been featured on: Vanity Fair, GQ (South Africa) Magazine.

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